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Look for the certification marks!

Savvy Consumers – What is certification and what to look for:

  • When we know a farmer personally, we are likely to know something about their agricultural and environmental values and practices.  Without such personal relationships, independent certification provides assurance in the marketplace that growers and producers have complied with a set of known standards.  Demeter inspectors personally visit farms and processors each year and the Demeter certification marks assure the consumer that fresh produce and processed products meet the high standards outlined for Demeter Certified Biodynamic® products.

Caring Farmers – How to get certified:

  • Biodynamic® farming is free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in the same manner as certified organic farming.  In order to qualify for Demeter Certified Biodynamic ® status, a farm must first meet the same 3-year transition requirement that NOP certified organic farming requires.  NOP and ISO 65 accredited organic certification is available through Demeter’s sister company, Stellar Certification Services, at no additional licensing fee. 
  • Interested farmers and processors should contact the Demeter office for more information.