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Why Join the Demeter Biodynamic Trade AssociationTM?

… Because Demeter certified products offer unparalleled quality that benefits the health, happiness and well-being of our customers, our colleagues, our families and ourselves.

It’s time to shine a light on what we offer:  a nascent but potentially enormous North American marketplace for certified Biodynamic products.

Recent independent research has shown that “Biodynamic” remains largely a mystery to American consumers who are seeking soulful, earth friendly products for better living. 

The DBTA is dedicated to raising consumer consciousness about Biodynamics and the products of DBTA members.  But we can only offer as much as we receive.  The more members who join in this effort, the more successes we can guarantee.

The potential rewards go far beyond conventional marketing and its impact on your bottom line. The DBTA offers members the prospect of a network of Demeter certified growers, processors and customers that share insights and information about our common practices, problems and solutions.
Regardless of where we farm or what we create from our Biodynamic products, we all share the gifts of Mother Earth and the ways in which we try to nurture her in return. We want to offer Demeter certified producers a community of peers that will benefit us all over time.

For more detail on how the DBTA can benefit you and your business contact info@Demeterbta.com

Grow the Earth… Become a member of the Demeter Biodynamic Trade Association…and join in the conversation!